The Anabaptist Network

A key partner and friend of The Mennonite Trust

The Anabaptist Network is a key partner and friend of The Mennonite Trust. It comprises people from all over Britain and from a wide range of church backgrounds who are interested in exploring the implications of Anabaptism for discipleship, mission and church life in contemporary culture.

Although the Network includes some Mennonites and members of a Hutterian bruderhof, it is comprised mainly of Christians from traditions that do not have direct historical links with Anabaptism. Anabaptist values and perspectives have begun to impact Christians from Catholic, Anglican, Quaker, Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed, Pentecostal, House Church and other backgrounds.

The Anabaptist Network has made visible this growing interest in Anabaptism and has encouraged further exploration. It has been a rallying point and an opportunity for dialogue. New members joining the Network have frequently expressed a sense of “coming home” to a tradition that embodies their own convictions and provides a framework that integrates these. Some have also been relieved to find that they are not the only ones attracted to the Anabaptist tradition and concerned about the issues it raises. And many have been pleased to discover that we are a Network, not an institution, an informal coalition rather than a movement, and relational rather than denominational.

It comprises a network of individuals, communities and organisations who share news and explore topical issues through regular newsletters and gatherings. A steering group helps to informally develop the network. Current steering group members are Tim Foley, Helen Rowe, Ian Milligan Noel Moules, Stuart Murray Williams, David Nussbaum, Martin Parkes (Chair), Joshua Searle, Karen Stallard, and Simon Woodman.