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An extensive resource for studying Anabaptism and Mennonite history and theology.

The Mennonite Trust is delighted to have a wonderful collection of Mennonite and Anabaptist reading material which many pastors, theological students and individuals interested in the way of Jesus and discipleship enjoy exploring.  However please note that while we are in a period of transition the library will not be entirely available.

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The Collection

books-rndThe core of the collection consists of extensive resources in the areas of Anabaptism and Mennonite history and theology. These include:

  • Source materials on the Radical Reformation, including writings and biographies of leaders such as Hans Denck, Conrad Grebel, Balthasar Hubmaier, Pilgram Marpeck, Thomas Muntzer, Michael Sattler and Menno Simons. Martyr’s Mirror is available in the original Dutch as well as English and German versions.
  • Complete sets of two journals of Anabaptist research: The Mennonite Quarterly Review (1927 to present), published by the Mennonite Historical Society in the U.S., and The Conrad Grebel Review (1983 to present).
  • Contemporary works on Mennonite life and thought, including the writings of theologians such as John Howard Yoder and Gordon Kaufman; biblical scholars including Willard Swartley and Millard Lind; and sociologists such as Donald Kraybill and John A. Hostetler.
  • All major titles published by Herald Press, the publishing arm of the Mennonite Church in North America.
  • A selection of writings on the Amish and Hutterites.

Other highlights include significant resources on topics related to Christian pacifism, peacemaking, mediation and conflict resolution.

The collection is rounded out with a representative selection of titles in biblical studies, theology, Christian life and ethics, church and mission, spirituality, and church history.

How to access the library

From October 2014 the library will be now housed at the Centre for Anabaptist Studies at Bristol Baptist College and will be available for those wishing to access material for academic studies and personal research. Appointments can be made by contacting the college librarian, Mike Brealey (


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