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Bristol Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence

This project is being launched and there is an inaugural symposium on 17th June 2019.

The Centre has twin aims, represented by two ‘arms’ of its activity.

Academic arm: Aims to promote postgraduate research in the broad field of Bible and violence; and conversation among scholars of different faiths, nationalities and disciplines who are working in related areas. We are seeking to recruit postgraduate researchers (MTh or PhD), and are in the process of setting up a Bible and Violence pathway in our existing MA programme (MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission). We are very optimistic that we will be able to offer this MA to students from September 2019.

Applied arm: Aims to provide resources to the churches in order to equip them to offer a counter-violence, counter-extremist narrative; and to promote confidence in the value of the Old Testament and the goodness of God. We welcome suggestions and speaking requests.

For more information about any of this, please visit our webpage or get in touch with me directly on the above email address.

New Crucible Course Information

Details of the 2018/19 year are now available.

Please click here for the new publicity and book your place!

MERK Conference

Between 10th and 13th May thousands of Mennonites from across Europe gathered in the French town of Montbéliard for the tenth European Mennonite Regional Conference. This conference takes place every six years and offers an opportunity for Mennonites to meet and share experiences and stories.

Joshua Searle attended the conference and shares some reflections and pictures from his time there. Please click here for Joshua’s full report.