The former Wood Green Mennonite Church

The former Wood Green Mennonite Church (WGMC) was a community of Mennonites seeking to worship God, follow Jesus and to embody the teaching and gospel of Jesus as informed by the Anabaptist tradition.  They were a North London congregation that grew out of the ministry of the London Mennonite Centre when it was in Highgate. While holding to the tenets of Christianity, they placed special value on community, peace, inclusion, and social justice.

WGMC used to meet on Sundays at 3pm in Westbury Avenue Baptist Church. As of 20th March 2016, it no longer meets for worship and is transitioning into an online network. For further information, please visit either their website or their facebook group.

Their sermon archive is available in the Preaching Peace blog.

Other Congregations

There are other congregations across Britain that are seeking to embody Anabaptist values. Please look here for a list of congregations which have joined the Anabaptist Network of Communities.