Bridge Builders

Facilitating a culture of peace within the church

Bridge Builders seeks to transform the culture of the church in relation to how leaders lead and the way conflict is handled. They aim to strengthen the ministry of Christian leaders, by helping them to be more self aware, and to develop greater skills, confidence and resilience for working with tensions and conflict in the church. Bridge Builders offers a range of training courses and workshops and lead tailored learning events on request. In addition they provide coaching, consultancy and mediation services.

The original inspiration for Bridge Builders was a three-day mediation skills course led by Ron Kraybill at the London Mennonite Centre in February 1994. In its current form, Bridge Builders was founded as a service of the LMC in January 1996. In August 2011, Bridge Builders was formally separated from the LMC, at the same time as the LMC closed.