Disorganised Religion

How might church be different in a post-Christendom age?

Simply Church

Do churches need so many structures, processes, programmes and organisations? What is essential and would could we dispense with? What do we need to sustain faith, inspire mission and build community? And what do we have the resources and energy to sustain?

In a post-Christendom culture many believe church needs to be simpler:

  • That we can no longer maintain the kinds of churches that served previous generations
  • That we need to prioritise mission and reduce maintenance
  • That we need to recover the dynamism of a movement and streamline institutional dimensions of church
  • That we need to plant churches that are reproducible and less dependent on paid staff and their own buildings
  • That we need to concentrate on making disciples and incarnational mission rather than running churches

Simpler churches are a global phenomenon, flourishing especially where the church is growing strongly. Should we be developing simpler churches in western societies, where the church is in decline? What are the dangers and drawbacks? What are the losses as well as the gains? Does this mean planting new churches or can we simplify the churches we already have? How do simpler churches network together and what kind of leadership is needed.

Simply Church is an opportunity to explore these issues through a mixture of story-sharing, discussions and missional reflection.

Multi-Voiced Church

Stuart & Sian Murray Williams will be participating in a day exploring themes from their book Multi-Voiced Worship.